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Dr Peter Richard Pedersen DC DO NTMD CIM CDN

Graduate - Sydney College of Osteopathy - Sydney College of Chiropractic
International College of Applied Kinesiology
Member Chiropractic & Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA)

Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling Neuromuscular Procedures, Biopuncture
Non-Surgical Solutions for Tendinopathy, Tenosynovitis, Bursitis & Knee Cartilage

An important note to all sceptics, nay-sayers and uninformed critics of chiropractic/osteopathy and/or natural therapies in general:


Despite your ignorance and your refusal to acknowledge what is manifestly obvious to the millions of people who annually gain benefit from the treatments that you revile, including the many educated and intelligent people including doctors, accountants, surgeons, scientists, teachers, engineers, dentists, lawyers, supreme court judges (just to mention a few occupations from my own practice).


More importantly, mothers who bring their babies for the drug free treatment of colic, reflux, otitis media (that would be glue ear to you), developmental and temperament problems. Sporting coaches and athletes, pensioners who are willing to pay for treatment that works rather than gobble down free medications that don't, parents of children with medically mis-dignosed "growing pains" or "behavioural disorders", doctors who refer their patients for manipulative treatment...the list is endless.


People who are delighted by their results continue to refer their family and friends for treatment.


Not bad for an "unscientific practice" or "treatment of dubious value" if you were to take any notice of the faceless sceptics, the society of sceptics, the 2008 equivalent of the "sun revolves the flat earth-slightly right of Atilla the Hun-I am right everybody else is wrong-this is my opinion so there" lunatic fringe.


If on the other hand each and every one of these people is delusional, if every treatment is bogus, if every health improvement is imagined...then you are right and everyone else is wrong. The reality is that knowledge is only available to those willing to "sit down, shut up and listen". So to all skeptics, I dare you to spend a day in my practice.



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